What Students Learn


Simply Music focuses on the sheer pleasure of playing piano.  The ‘hands-on’ approach, and immediate results, actively dispels the notion that learning to play means enduring years of lessons, boring practice sessions and relentless hours of drills.

The Simply Music Piano Curriculum is a full, comprehensive program that unfolds over a few years.   There are 9 Foundation Levels and 9 Development Levels.  

Over the first few months, students build a playlist of songs that they are able to play anywhere, at anytime and they feel great about their ability!  Songs learned cover a variety styles :  contemporary/pop,  blues, classical, and more.    

Special Programs are additional "gems" of the Simply Music curriculum and unfold in tandem with Foundation Levels.   There are several components including accompaniment, arrangements and composition.



Ages 7+         

Suitable for children, teens, adults, older adults - with or without previous experience.

Lessons with Simply Music produce breakthrough results because they take advantage of the natural way that people learn -- the same way children learn to talk and do so fluently for years before they learn to read.    

Learning to manage time, create strategies and solve challenges are transferable skills students will gain that will assist them in other subjects.   

Lesson Format


Piano lessons are most effective when taught in a lively, engaging lesson environment in a small group.  While shared lessons may at first seem impractical or lower quality, the opposite is usually true. The dynamic, interactive format of sharing a lesson actually allows a powerful experience via multi-sensory, receptive and generative learning strategies. They are also fun and allow students to play for and learn from peers.   

I offer a limited number of private lessons when they are best suited to a student's learning needs or if an appropriate class is not available.

Students also learn from the very beginning the value of creativity through improvisation and composition projects.   Making natural connections to music is powerful!