Teacher Bio

My Background

I am delighted to be a licensed Simply Music Piano Teacher in Scarborough.  I love teaching and experiencing the amazing results that students produce with this program. 

I started teaching piano in 1992 and discovered Simply Music in 2014.   I teach this program exclusively and love the success my students experience --  especially those who didn't think they had the "talent."

Before discovering Simply Music, I completed Grade 10 Piano and Elementary Piano Pedagogy from the Royal Conservatory of Music.     

I was a frequent performer in my school years -- accompanying choirs, performing in churches for weddings and special events, and participating in recitals and competitions.  I also studied and played flute at various events and attended master classes. 

Sharing the Dream

I believe that everyone is profoundly musical and I have experienced those amazing moments when students proved they could do it!   

Regardless of learning style and experience, I am eager to bring music to students of all abilities for enrichment, confidence building and enjoyment.  

I offer a relaxed friendly environment where students can enjoy learning, creating and playing music together.