"As the father of a very active son, I can say that the Simply Music approach - and the personal connection Susan makes - has achieved remarkable results. But more importantly, she has ignited in him a passion and curiosity for music which now drives him to listen to and discuss music he hears in other contexts (radio, TV, etc.), and also to explore and experiment with rhythm and variation at the piano.   

As a person who was traditionally trained on the piano, I now wish I had had the opportunity as a child to learn via the Simply Music method." 

- D. Buchan, Scarborough

"There is no question that Simply Music is an absolutely phenomenal play-based piano program.  As someone who has both taught music and learned piano through more traditional means, I can attest to the fact that Simply Music blows it all out of the water.   This program fosters intuition and creativity, yet lessons are highly structured and the concepts learned continuously build into more advanced concepts.  Students rapidly learn a wide variety of music, and this early and continued success inevitably fosters a love of learning. 

Susan is a master at delivering this program.  Not only is she committed to the principles and methodologies of Simply Music, she has the remarkable ability to  understand her students’ unique qualities and to draw out the very best in them.   Her patience and sense of humour are always appreciated.  We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have found Susan and the Simply Music program. "  

- LN Crewe, Scarborough

"Susan is an exceptional teacher. She is patient and relaxed making each lesson fun and something to look forward to. She is also gifted in being able to explain musical concepts in interesting ways, almost like story telling, that make them not only easy to understand but also more memorable.

As a student of just about 1 ½ years, I’ve learned classical pieces, lullabies, 12 bar blues, improvisation, and accompaniment. I look forward to “playing” on the piano and practicing is not a drudge but something I always wish I had more time for. "

- D. James, Toronto